Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro

Well her name was Rita Flores
Met her down in Matamores
She was hotter than the Mexican sun
She's one sweet Chicita
My latino lolita
I knew right then she had to be the one

She worked at the cantina
So I ordered a teqilla
Just to get a closer look into her eyes
Handed her my peso
She turned and walked away
I don't think she even realized

Oh Senorita, Ooh Mas Fina
Come and love my por favor
I wanna be your numero uno
Your one and only Vato
Me love you long and that's for sure
Wanna hold you, never let go
I'll be your little gringo
Marry you and take you away
Aww Senorita, Ooh Mas Fina
Why won't you love me baby Por Que

Yeah she never caught my lingo
Because I was a gringo
She didn't understand a word I'd say
She say "mi no comprende"
But that smile on her face
Told me I should try it anyway

Chorus X2

I said aww senorita, ooh mas fina
Why won't you love me baby por que
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Senorita Mas Fina Lyrics

Kevin Fowler – Senorita Mas Fina Lyrics

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