So Good To Finally

Get Where We Need To Be

Cause I Was So Close To Losing My Mind

Right Now Is The Time

Made For You And I To Do Whatever We Would Like

Without A Care Or Fear Cause Were In

In A Place That We Always Dreamed Of

Where We Can Breathe And Be Free With Our Love

A Place Where We Can Clear Our Heads And Forget About What

Everyone Says

I can't Believe That We're Finally Here

A Zone That Just can't Be Found Anywhere

Something So Special That Only We Can Share (i can't Believe)

I Can't Believe That Were Finally Here

It Was Well Worth The Wait My Dear

I'm So Happy You Got Me Flowing Teams - Of Joy

It's All Overwhelming Me

To The Point Where I Don't Wanna Leave

But If I Got To I Justt Wanna Make Sure

We Can Always Come Back, always Come Back For Me

Of This Blissful Life, I Always See When I Close My Eyes

And The Memories I Have To Remind Me

Keep Me Wanting To Be


That's All I Can Say, cause I'm So Happy

(I'm So Happy So Happy Finally)

Thank You For Making Me So So Happy

I Can't Believe

Joy, Mmm

Uh No No

I can't Believe

[thanks To Mimi For These Lyrics]
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Can't Believe Lyrics

Keshia Chante – Can't Believe Lyrics

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