O. K.! F**k it!
Oh, oh, yeah!

Time to get the day going, dressing up to the night
Yo, critter crew(say what)
Make princess Ke$ha look fine!
Add a little pinch of magic from my fairytale life,
And off we go, oh, oh(ha)
Look in the mirror, rub my eyes and what is this! ?
Some genie s***s smilin back, suck it b***h!
Yo, Mr. Raccoon pass the Jack I'll need a rinse
Trim it prim it dress it mess it yeah now that's my s**t

I'm gettin ready so ni-i-ice(holla!)
It's kinda cool I gotta robot voice(check this s**t out!)
The mirror lady b***h can deny-y-y
I'm gettin customized, customized, customized, right
I'm gettin' ready so trampons up
What up, mouse!
Even with wedgt ridin' up my butt,
Thanks to mr. Crow you sneaky little f**k,
I'm getting customized, customized, customized, right

Please, b***h!
A touch of glitter on my cheek
Now the look is complete
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Princess Kesha Lyrics

Kesha – Princess Kesha Lyrics