You were just a boy
And I was just a girl in love
Cabangas was a toy
And the rubics cube made life seem tough
Truth or dare was a game
All your crew would dress the same to
School each day
I remember when oh do you remember when
Back in the day, back in the day.

Life was so simple back then
Double dutch and talking junk
Was what we did
Hangin outside with my friends
Till the street lamp said
It's time to come in (sometimes i)

Long for the days
No work and all play
Long for the times
Innocently blind

Life was so simple back then
Quarter water's when we're thirsty
Gave the quench
We were so easy to please
Candy necklaces and rings
Were to us the finer things

Life was so simple it seemed
Rockin Kangols w/Adidas and lee jeans
Nameplates and four finger rings
Jelly sandals for your feet
Mr. Softee made life sweet
How I long __

New Edition sang to me
Ronnie, Bobby, Johnny, Ricky and Mike
(don't forget Ralph)
That's what I remember
Loving you came easily
First time we ever kissed goodnight
Do you remember?
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Back In The Day Lyrics

Kelly Price – Back In The Day Lyrics

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