Because of you, I don't use much lipstick
I cut my shorts, I diminished my tone
I changed my friends for someone who only devastates me
Because of you, I can't go home anymore
Because of you, I lost my liberty
I gave you my life, I only did your wish
I fought with the world, I let out everything
I didn't look back
And now you come
Telling me you don't want me anymore

Is it or is it not worth crying over?
Is it or or is it not, you say
Is it or is it not worth crying over?
When someone doesn't know how to love
If you set my place
What is love? I don't know
Sincerely I already thought
Sincerely I don't know
For what do I have a heart?
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Por Causa De Você (Em Inglês) Lyrics

Kelly Key РPor Causa De Voc̻ (Em Ingl̻s) Lyrics