When I was a kid, they said shut up and listen
Follow this path stop the games and the wishing
Made me believe with their age and position
That I never could achieve what I wanted, millions
And it’s sometimes just a word that can kill a dreamer

All my life I’ve been searching for the answers thinking
All my times been a waste
I’ve been low, watched the world and these people taunt me
But now it’s my time to say
Imma do it my way
So step the f**k away

It was last month standing on a street in Chicago
Talking to a friend about my life and my last show
I was down on everything until he finally said yo
You gotta live your life like there’s really no tomorrow
And it’s sometimes just a word that can move a dreamer

Please just realize
They can’t control your life
Don’t let them lead you
Down that road
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All My Life Lyrics

Kelley James – All My Life Lyrics