You’ve been talking like I ain’t been doing like I used to do
Tonight I’m gonna show you, show you
? I ain’t hold back ? to get it again,
The way you keep on calling me out.
I’m ? to be ? and I’m ready to do that again
I’ma turn my head up, keep up ? your head up
? I hope you’re ready yeah.

? your body tap out, taking taking the
Taking down to the floor,
‘Cause I’ve been telling make your body tap out
You’re talking for ? for you ?
? what you thinking on ?
We’ve been ? doing in the ?
Should have let me know what turn me down.

Now, now that you’re in front where I want you
You ain’t fighting back ‘cause you wanna lose yeah
? I come ? but is just the beginning where I ?
? young age and I’m ready to do ?

[Chorus: x3]
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Tap Out Lyrics

Keke Wyatt – Tap Out Lyrics