I'm lookin for the dollar
I'm lookin for the dollar
I'm lookin for the dollar
What you talk about: the dollar

Kayshdada Many mouth to feed
Dondada lotta blood to bleed
That's why gotta be the leader
And keep this shit of the meter
Whatup hey givin you the fever
With beats, fuckin up yo liver
Fuck you if you a non believer
Who am I'm, just a giver
Kayshdada I don't touch the la
So what i'd rather steal a bra
Take ur gal into my casa
And make her listen to my salsa
Hey mama givin you kuduro
Angola comon shake da rabo
There's a whole lot I gotta give yo
In monophonic or stereo

Thank god I'm black like, Denzel
Fly girls, they like me like I'm Vince
Diesel, one man festival, mizik's a
Vegetable, and i'm a salad chef
Don't get mad I don't need yo nana
I'm just here for da dolla dolla
Girls behave how you wanna wanna
I'm just here for the dolla dolla

The d d d d d d d d
D d d d d d d d dollar

Mamacita, hey papi
Mamacita, hey mami
Throw your hands up
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The Dollar Lyrics

Kaysha – The Dollar Lyrics