It's very logical, yet quite insane when you're
Still sitting wond'ring trying to give it a name, ahah-
Like to compare it with uh... What would you say about
Alright I will find a name anyway, ahahahahahah

This is a tiresong tale about a critical ear
I guess I'm going to give it to you extremely clear
When the band starts to play and the lights grow dim
He opens his gate to let the soundwaves in

When his mood is good, he takes a positive seave
When his mood is sad, soon he's going to grieve
There is no absolute quality, nor absolute taste

But he has to do his job, there is no time to waste

Now mr. Bias, his friend, has said: That's real rock n
You have to back that group boy, they won the last poll
He knew he shouldn't take the words of mr Bias for sure
But his influence is strong and so hard to obscure

To be objective is not easy cause you need some tool
For to estimate music there is no estimating rule
Now he writes something down, he doesn't care he's to
He just has to say something, so gives it- sorry... Gives
It a name
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Give It A Name Lyrics

Kayak – Give It A Name Lyrics