I sit alone on the edge of my bed
Think of you and the words you said
Keep runnin' through my head
Do you want to leave
Or do you want to stay
'Cause I can still walk away

'Cause I'm down on my knees
Don't you feel anything
Cause I'm tired of tryin' to be
Everything that you can't see
Make me believe
Make me believe

You said I could never love you
I'm not strong enough but you
Can't keep runnin' from the truth
In the end its always you
It's always you


Letting go shouldn't be so hard
But loving you tore me apart


Why can't you ever see
Everything you do to me
Because we were never meant to be
I believe that you should just leave

Just leave
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Make Me Believe Lyrics

Katie Armiger – Make Me Believe Lyrics