I bit my tongue for too long
My patience gets a bit thin
I gotta tell you the way that it is
I think you know this is something different we've started
We're more than ordinary
There's something about the way that the world looks
Brighter when I'm next to you

Oh 'cause no one's gonna love you like I will
Darlin' you can just take take take your time
And I've been burning up like a wildfire
Wishing you would just say say say you're mine, mine
You're mine

Let's get ourselves outta town
We'll take the last train out
I got a million things I wanna know
It's easy baby with us there's nowhere we can't go
And this love it doesn't scare me
'Cause running out of reasons not to feel this
I can tell you're dying to try


Well don't you wonder what it'd feel
Underneath the streetlights
You and me, oh
With the city wrapped around us
If no one ever found us
It's fine with me

So no one's gonna love you like I will
Darlin' you just take take take your time


You're mine, you're mine
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Say You're Mine Lyrics

Kate Voegele – Say You're Mine Lyrics

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