I'm at a stand still It's 98 degrees
Can't put nothing into my car
Nothing's gonna stop the steam
I got my hands up
No other price to compare
Held up by the tow truck that drops me at the bus stop
With just enough left to pay the fare
He said "They com from down south
Just trying to take my job
Coming in from all sides, looking for a free ride
You know we're all getting robbed" Up on the dashboard There was a cross an a flag
Now I don't want nothing from anyone's God
But from my country I want better than that
Because I hear that each and every day from channels 3 to 39
I already heard your opinion, When are you gonna hear mine?
Finally, I said "Look, This is more than I need to know
Please keep your opinions to yourself All I need is a ride and a tow"
He said "Boy, you're in my truck You better watch what you say" I said, "Yeah, do my ideas make your mad?
Well now you know how IÂ'm feeling every day"
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Tow Truck Lyrics

Karate – Tow Truck Lyrics