Some men they dnt like me , they try 2 bad mind me wen kano comes 2 town, all I say is mines right n they use the limelight wen kano comes around, some try screw me or even sue me but it dnt wrk 'cause da crowd dnt boo me, you ain't a true g, I'm too deep how can kano stay underground?? I ain't like most that roll around and kick shit of I hold it down, were still golly, the only thing you'll hear from us is(shouts sumthin) then were out, act up n get boxed in the mouth 'cause you're jus playin a gangsta, you ain't ever wieghed it out to a bouncer, you ain't got no box in the mouth, you ain't got nothin north west and south, and I'm an eastboy, you're a chief boy, you're full of shit but you start the beef boy, girls like me but I ain't a sweet boy, so boy dnt fink you can move to me n fink I'll be asleep boy, 'cause I'm on my ps and qs, that's why I make more ps than you, slip there ain't no reason to, slippin, if there ain't a blitz between the clique that's slippin , no whip, how the man 2 link wiv chicks that's slippin, that's slippin

If you see me n I ain't wiv my crew believe I'm on my ps n qs, even on my own 2 that's the difference between me and you (x2)

I h8 losin, so I'm agenst losin, from london 2 luton I'm movin, I'm even merkin over seas and I've got a lot from london 2 leeds, please from time you heard me shine, n imm big from london 2 mersyside, you got lines but you spit like nursery rhymes, you see its gotta be mine I'm the first in line, wow you got you're first rewind but the second line sounded like the first line, I ain't got punchlines I got kicklines n I ain't commercial but I got hit lines, I spit deep rhymes , but I got th girlson my side from the first rewind, you might see my face ina magazine, or in a furcoat on face magazine, 'cause they're spreadin the word out from raves that I've been and they getin the purse out to pay for my team, how can they giv a shit, I'm breakin the scene, makin a scene,then start makin the cream, see I've got a gang wiv me and we all work in a gangsta lean, you're all tlk you don't wna rap wiv me, there's no jokes or no pranks wiv me


if you see me n I ain't wiv my crew believe I'm on my ps and qs, in sneaks or shoes waitin in a honda fuck it no jeeps or coupes,we'll chief you're crew, were so hungry we'll teeth you're food so mind out before you find out hu you're speakin to, I speak 2 you on a level n speak the truth, look there's fight in me but there ain't no me in you,so plz, you ain't bustin 1 let alone squeezin 2s say, cheese but it wnt be a snapshot, hit like the jackpot leave, I ain't waitin around baitin the town 4 k 2 be found that's slippin, if there ain't a blitz between the clique, that's slippin, no whip, for theman to link wiv chicks that's slippin , that's slippin

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Ps And Qs Lyrics

Kano – Ps And Qs Lyrics