I'm a... Movie come watch me babe, yeah
I can be the superstar and you can be the costar
Come let me direct it baby
We both can go far
Let's make love at Tv round
We 're so Hollywood, yes we...
Work work hard I know you can
Work work hard I know you can

My channel is high definition
There's no... Tv, Tv, no
My love is like a pretty movie
So work work with me or we play
Work work with me and...

2 x Chorus:
Like soda and popcorn popcorn,
Poppin, poppin', poppin', yes I am,

See my body jumpin jumpin, poppin, poppin
I'm poppin, poppin, poppin.

You can be my Romeo, I can be your Juliet
Perfect... Addicted to...
Let's make love and Tv land
Hollywood yes we am,
Work hard I know you can, work hard I know you can


... At the movie go... But I'll take off my clothes
But my heart is so tight... Act like we're in the movie

I'm... Just you watch me
I'm so good you gonna love me
I'm... Just you watch me so let's make love
Like we're in...

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Soda And Popcorn Lyrics

Kalenna – Soda And Popcorn Lyrics