Where are you Red Emma? It's now we need you most. What would you see if you were to peer upon our times? Black Emma, did you struggle in vain, for as I look around it may seem so. It stings me to the quick to think your efforts have been stunted. It stings me to the quick to think your efforts were in vain. It is written on your headstone, "Emma died for your sins," what would you think of such martyrdom? I wonder often how you perceive your home, your city in it's present state; so rich with forgotten history- buried deep beneath corporate tombs. I went to Haymarket Square, a shopping center now stands there. I walked for blocks to find a plaque on the street: they said it was there somewhere... It all seems so depressing until I think of you, dearest Red Emma, it's in your spirit I plea to comrades old and new: This is our revolution, so cast aside your chains and dance!
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Red Emma Lyrics

Kakistocracy – Red Emma Lyrics

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