Sitting on the corner
Of college avenue
Wondering to myself
How could one so smart
Be so stupid?
more education than the GNP
Of a small country could buy in a lifetime
Yet you're so foolish
Brainwashed to the core
Like a stupid fucking drone
Just because you're booksmart
Don't mean you're not a chump
sitting on the corner
Of college avenue
Watching the coeds passing me by
Each lost in their lives
dreaming of fraternity boys
And sorority girls who've argued to me
Our house isn't like the rest
We're different
Self important fucks
Living in a dreamworld
Someday these shallow assholes
Will be running the world
The fucking world
one day one of these thousands of jackoffs
On this very campus
May become famous for something they'll do
Yea yea yea
Maybe they will
Cure a disease
Or maybe bring about
Just a touch of world peace
But then again when I look around
Then again when I look around
Then again when I look around
I think to myself
Maybe not
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College Avenue Lyrics

Justin Sane – College Avenue Lyrics