Verse 1: Afrika

Now, I won't say that I'm a ladies lover

But if I was, you'd be under my cover

And not only that, you'd be under my wing

And me and you'd be doin' the nasty thing

Whenever you're ready, we can go steady

You can be my baby and I can be your teddy

It's cold out there, but it's warm in here

I know you have another lover, but I do not care

Verse 2: Mike G

Now, behind my bush, there's only room for two

Jimmy and Jane, that's me and you

Doin' it right 'til the morning light

A ittle moan and groan after some fuss and fight

Jungle love is all that I'm givin

Jungle life is all that I'm livin

Girl, I'm-a do ya the best I can

Lettin' you know I'm your jungle man

You can't front it off, you know it's gonna get ya

I'm doin' this (where?) live from Africa

Verse 3: Afrika

I want to be your hero

I want to be your man

I want to love you every moment I can

I want to take you back to the motherland

And listen to the sounds of a steel-drum band

Climb up a tree, just you and me

'Cause that's the way that I want it to be

Feel the breeze, put your mind at ease

See the pretty birds and the chimpanzees

After that, we'd step down to my hut

And together, we'd split up a coconut

Watch the sun set, watch the moon rise

And then I'd proceed to make your nature rise

Verse 4: Mike G

I'll be your caveman, I'll be a brave man

But most of all, I'll be a gentle man

Your magic man, alakazam

I put a spell on you that you can not stand

Sweat and want you, it will surely taunt you

To do what you want to do

And that shall take me behind the bush and do me, baby

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Behind The Bush Lyrics

Jungle Brothers – Behind The Bush Lyrics


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