We've been going down this road for some time
And I don't know where this is going
Even though I've been watching all the signs
I don't know where this is leading

Wondering why it's been taking so long
And I've been feeling kind of low
But You tell me that I need to hold on
To Your promise, that You're in control


We are in better Hands
Than our own
Than our own
We don't need to see
Before we
Before we believe


I look outside the window anticipating
The coming of a new day
You said it's coming
I know it's on it's way

Wondering what is in store for the both of us
And if it's what we're hoping for
Then You remind me that I don't have to be afraid
That You'll never let me down because you're in control
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Better Hands Lyrics

Julianne – Better Hands Lyrics