I don't mean to hold a gun up to your head
I'll be fine once you are gone, of that I'm sure
Another time + I'd be smiling in your eyes
For the sake of all our love
And that I know
But the rising of the Moon
Means the ending of the day
Time waits for no-one just takes you away
I don't mean to hold a gun up to your head
It's just the anticipation I can't stand.
Well, I feel sure that the Genius who did this
Didn't even feel a thud as he drove by
Now I know my day must end with me alone, dear,
And I see more than only dark on my horizon.
Treason + Infamy enter my life
Tear out the spark that illumines the Sun
Down comes the Universe - tumbling down
Everything is come un-Done
Everything is come un-Done.
Cut like a knife in the soil with a spade
Merge with the one light possessing the other
Scream, "Holly Murder, he's done us tonight."
Come, little sister, behold ye the Mother,
Come, little sister, behold ye the Mother
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Madmax Lyrics

Julian Cope – Madmax Lyrics

Songwriters: JULIAN COPE

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