[Juicy J:]
Yeah, we high as a junt up in this motherfucker
I'm drinkin' some fruit punch; thats belvedere vodka and cranberry juice
YouknowwhatI'msayin? The engineer high, everybody highhhh

[Chorus x 4:]
Smoke, smoke, smoke dat weed
Smoke, smoke, smoke dat weed
Drank, drank, drank that liquor
Pop them pills, snort that P

[Juicy J:]
Now I'ma go and do it like them white folk do
Get it from the dope man I.O.U
Called tootin' snow but it's driftin' soo
Menage-Trois awww mane dats cool
Whats in the plastic? High ass dro
The hoes that fuck smoke all my dope
Now you the type of nigga, buy a hoe a rose
I'm a keep stuffin' coke up her hose
Columbian Cocktail Purie Snow
And take her to the bounce and let her throw some bows
And let her sip syrup and make her body slow
Then take her to a room, make her suck and blow
They act a damn fool with that acid mane
And put it on they tongue then they go insane
I think its kinda wild, they be out the frame
But like the commercial, this is your brain on drugs

Whatch you know about them pill thangs
Have ya runnin' roud drinkin' Listerine
Doing 'bout a hundred cold switchin' lanes
Take a X pill then ya wanna bang
Get a little freak take her to your home
Stuck ya dick in with no rubber on
Three days later you be on the phone
Tellin' yo doctor "She Burnt Me Joe"
Thats what ya get unprotected sex
Then ya took a pill called Percocet
It might keep you calm, but your still a wreck
The key little shots keep ya in the mix
I know a young nigga out in Hollywood
Who said he got sprung off Dog Food
He stuck a needle in his arm Ouchie-oooo
And then it made him feel like Awwww-cool

[Chorus x 4]

[Lord Infamous:]
Scarecrow is the dictionary table of contents of drugs
If you describe it, I could tell you what the fuck it was
Now if your getting very drowsy, you feel very down
That must be heroine, I only sniff that Funkytown
The only marijuana that The Infamous will blow
Is purple koosh and white willow or I break down that dro
Dromo tabs and Percocets, just before i get out bed
Break out the bag of blow and take about four to the head
Lord must have his medicine, plenty yellow purple syrup
Purest herb, very perved, feel superb, to the curb
Snotting up them railroad tracks, mack having a heart-attack
Take a Xanex, put it back, bitches 'bout to get attacked
Sometimes I may get down with the crystal Methamphetamine
Niggas stay up early, I will strain my eyes on your high beams
I stay high as fuck
Lord should take a piss test
I would melt right through the fucking cup

[Chorus x 4]
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Smoke Dat Weed Lyrics

Juicy J – Smoke Dat Weed Lyrics