As the day begins to fade
Eventides when I'm afraid
I'll never know when you'll appear
But my senses say you're near

In the dark when I write
Telling fortunes for my life
I'm sitting here by candle flame
When will you arrive again

Embers ignite once again
I watch them dance around the flame
Sparks start to fly
I can't speak
From seeing answers that I seek

Shapes start to form as I stare
The shadows taunt as if to dare
Ghostly embrace takes my heart
Now I surrender and it starts

Visions in the night
Show me what is right
Help me through the maze of mystery
I will sell my soul
Only I can know
What the future holds
And what will be

Slowly my hand
Turns the page
It never ceases to amaze
Fill me with hope if you can
I will become a better man


Visions come into my mind
And tell the future of mankind

Only time will prove that I'm right
Will my words come true (will my words come true)
I can't deny the gift of foresight (I can't deny)
There's nothing I can do (There's nothing I can do)

Such a lonely night
Premonitions running wild
I can see them now
All alone I fantasize

As daylight breaks
Through the stars
I wonder how I got this far
As I leave my room
And lock the door
I know I'll live forever more

[Chorus: x2]
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Visions Lyrics

Judas Priest – Visions Lyrics

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