Stand and face each other
Don't know what to say
But that look in your eyes
Give it all away
You say you've got these feelings
You can't put into words
But you don't have to say a thing
'Cause I've already heard
Give me one good reason
Why this has to be
That's all I'm asking for
Don't say that it's over
When you and I both know
You can't put out this love
The fire burns below
We've been through so much together
We've laughed and we've sometimes cried
To say our love ain't working, well we
Haven't really tried
But why let's talk things over
Love can't be bought and sold
One more night together's what the future holds
What the future holds
Well, give me one good reason
Why this has to be
I said that's all I'm asking for
Can't you see I said
You can't put out the fire down below
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Fire Burns Below Lyrics

Judas Priest – Fire Burns Below Lyrics

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