Waiting in green velvet
With a suitcase in her hand,
Standing down a ways from
The bus stop sign,
Looking at the sky,
Like she was bound for
The promised land,
Checkin' out her watch
Like she was losing time.
She was checkin' out her watch
Like she was losing time.

Thought I heard her talkin' somethin' 'bout
Rainbow lights, a psychedelic sight,
It'll be here soon,
Comin' down to fly us all away.
Can't you hear the roar of
The distant engines from a far-off moon?
Are you packed and ready for Judgement Day?

So I just sat there on
The bus stop bench awhile
And watched her stare into the sun.
Reminded me what
My grandma said
When I was just a child,
That'll hurt your eyes, dear little one,
That'll hurt your eyes, dear little one.


The bus pulled up and I got in
But the girl didn't even move.
This was not the ride she was waiting for.
The bus driver just shook his head
Cause there's nothing in the world to do
And I waved good-bye through
The slowly closing door.
I just waved good-bye
Through the slowly closing door.

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Waiting In Green Velvet Lyrics