I've got my share of scars on those ol' monkey bars
Every time I'd hit the ground
On that old long dirt, my bike lost control
And once again I was fallin' down
Every time I'd try to fly, there's a force I can't deny

Grew to be six foot one, depended on no one
Yeah, I was my ol' man
Invincible and strong until you came along
And touched me with your gentle hand
When I look into your eyes, there's a force I can't deny

[Chorus x 2]
Well, I never really like it much
Always left me all scraped up
Never really saw it as a good thing
Changes tides out on the sea
Pulled your body close to me
First time I ain't been afraid to fall
Don't guess it's so bad after all

Mmm, gravity
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Gravity Lyrics

Josh Turner – Gravity Lyrics

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