I watched you wave good-bye
As you rode down our drive
Without one single tear in your eyes
I tried to be strong
Forced to smile said, "Girl go on"
"I'll be fine don't you worry 'bout me"
It's sad I was holdin' on
Prayin' that you might see I'm all you'll ever need

How do I hurt?
And how do I cry?
And so many times you let me down
Where do I turn?
And here do I hide?
You've always hid your mess inside
There's no use in loving you at all
So let me fall

I tried to make it through the day
Throwin' all those things away
The ones that remind me of you
Soon there'll be nothing left
But the bed where you laid your head
The one that I wake up in without you

[Chorus: x2]

Let me fall...
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Let Me Fall Lyrics

Josh Gracin – Let Me Fall Lyrics