Lying here with you feels
As right as anything could be
Crazy but it's true
We hardly know each other
And still I feel

That I've known you
For such a long time
You're incredible
And so super fine

Still you could have said no
When I turned out the lights
Tried to make up excuses
Or put up a fight

You enjoy me
I'll enjoy you tonight

Til it's time to say goodbye
Let me stay here while
The night's still long
Til it's time to say goodbye
And I'll be gone before
The morning sun

We're two of a kind
We think we know
What we are loking for

Memories are wide
Reveal the sound of
Distant closing doors

We've both played this
Game a few times before
I don't care if we
Win or lose anymore

It's just nice to have
Someone to tell troubles to
A geniuine person exactly like you

Come on, set me on fire
I'll know just what to do

Til it's time to say goodbye
Share each others's light
Tomorrow never comes
Listen to me, baby

Til it's time to say goodbye
Please don't ask me why
I must be moving, be moving on

Til it's time to say goodbye
Moving on, yeah...
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'Til It's Time To Say Goodbye Lyrics