There she goes again
The girl I'm in love with
It's cool we're just friends
We walk the halls at school
We know it's casual
It's cool we're just

I don't want to lead you on
But the truth is I've grown fond

Everyone knows it's meant to be
Falling in love, just you and me
Till the end of time
Till I'm on her mind
It'll happen
I've been making lots of plans
Like a picket fence and a rose garden
I just keep on dreaming
But it's cool cause we're just friends

Small talk on IM
Just one word sentences
It's cool we're just friends
If I had my way
We'd talk and talk all day


Thinking about how
We're gonna say our vows
It's cool we're just friends
She walks down the aisle
Seeing my friends smile
Cause now we're more than friends

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Just Friends Lyrics

Jonas Brothers – Just Friends Lyrics

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