You got to see reason you've gotta believe me....
There's a smiling face on my wall.... A manufactured vision
With no grey matter at all, this is no state to be in.
Some call her perfect but I call it plastic, the suntan,
The lip gloss, no need for elastic.
You're only fulfilled if you own a lagonda and
Beautiful people are bound to last longer.
You've gotta see reason you've gotta believe me.
The smoked glass window's designed to keep away distractions.
There's no fresh air from outside, I can't believe this actress.
You've found the right place for a meal or a sauna,
We cater for meetings and massage and mourners.
Those champions of business who like their conventions are boring
By nature and ruled by consensus.
You've gotta see reason you've gotta believe me.
I try to stretch out my limbs - the films moved out of focus.
Can't hear the words on the phone she's not too tired to notice.
They're talking next door cause my earlobes are burning.
I've switched off the water but still it keeps churning.
The film's given way to a black and white snow storm.
Reception just called me and said turn the noise down
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Lagonda Lifestyle Lyrics

John Watts – Lagonda Lifestyle Lyrics