It was different back then
Anything could happen
Ideas as big as your fantasies could imagine
Children practicing that's part of getting older
Impatiently waiting for time to move forward

Optimistic youngins running on adrenaline
At the center of the universe begging for your attention
Making a difference meant looking important
No heroes were made that day
How unfortunate
Came and went like adolescence
Took our wind and left us restless
Now we want the wind that kept us alive and feeling refreshed
They said it was of the essence
To us time wasn't precious
There it goes now try and catch it
Watch it go

Don't miss a thing
Wide-eyed open
Don't miss a thing
Can you afford your ambitions
When we arrive we'll start living

Wow, how awful the first time it felt impossible
And the world around me was no longer wonderful
I can't give back your influence
Perspective is hard to undo
Thank you for the experience...

Here's some anxiety to keep you company
As you waste your energy trying to build your legacy
Tell me what more can a man do than eat, drink, and enjoy his toil
I want to be casual but taking it easy is too stressful
Anticipation now a days looks a lot more like anxious
Time killed away our imaginations
We used to escape into fantasies and fairytales
Now we medicate

How do you feel?
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Focus Lyrics

John Reuben – Focus Lyrics

Songwriters: DAMERON, TADD
Focus lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, MOON AND MUSKY MUSIC

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