One, two, a one, two, three, four

Well now the underground and overjoyed they come on just the same
Don't want to get too real man, just want to play the game
I guess ya knew it all along we were just singing in the rain
Can't get hipped to the down trip, the ship is sailing yet
And if it sinks, you know that all you really get is wet!

Move over Ms. L.
You know I wish you well
Move over Ms. L. you know I wish you well
Move over Ms. L.

Well now to err is something human and forgiving so divine
I'll forgive your trespasses, if you forgive me mine
Life's a deal, you knew it, when you signed the dotted line
They nail you to the paper, put a rope around your neck
And so we sing along, the boy stood on the burning deck!


Well now momma poppa told me son you better watch your head
Your head is full of snakes boy, you're better red than dead
They're starving back in China, that's what they always said!
Can't get head in the head shop, yer jeans are fulla crap
You're full of beans, you're in your teens, you lost your momma's road map!

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Move Over Ms. L Lyrics

John Lennon – Move Over Ms. L Lyrics

Songwriters: JOHN LENNON
Move Over Ms. L lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing

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