It's like I got hearts with you, baby
Like I got two ears
It goes in one and out the other
Whenever you are near
A train of smoke and dreams keeps a coming
Like a burning spear
And I know you, you watch me go
Even as I'm standing here

Words trail off low
Love comes and love keeps going
That's really all I know
You hear the sound of a lonesome town
You want to let that whistle blow
But it gets there before you do
And it leaves before you want to go

Two hearts, one for me and one for you
Two hearts, do you feel the way I do
Two hearts, one to have and one to yield
Two hearts, and a hundred (million) miles of steel
I keep running back and forth
Running back and forth
For what's real

Could it be this bond between us
That don't scare me none
I've seen ya when you've felt like running
I've seen ya with your gun
A single bullet for the barrel
Midnight chamber spun
Morning kiss
And unclean fist
And you're laughing at the sun

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Two hearts, two hearts
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Two Hearts Lyrics

John Hiatt – Two Hearts Lyrics

Songwriters: HIATT, JOHN
Two Hearts lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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