She just a woman a hundred pounds of flesh and blood
Quick with a smile warm with a touch for me
she's just a woman and not the least or the most desired
But she's set one man's heart of fire and it's me that she wants to please
And in my eyes god never made a more beautiful girl
In my eyes there's no one more lovely in all of the world
And she looks at me at times with such surprise
When she sees how special she is in my eyes
she's only human and she cries sometimes when she looks in the mirror
And counts a new line that seems to appeared overnight
she's only human it's not that she's vain she's just afraid
That there'll come a time when I'll turn away at the sight but I swear that's not right
And in my eyes she just grows lovelier to me
In my eyes she's only aging gracefully
And a thousand strands of gray just won't disguise
The woman she'll always be in my eyes
Sometimes she makes mistakes but I'm aware of her faults
Her moods go up and down but that's just because
she's just a woman and giving her love only to me
Without her health I would be less of a man than she thinks I am
And in my eyes love never changes or pretends
In my eyes her mystery never ends
And everything I've dreamed as years go by
Makes her love grow sweeter still in my eyes
In my eyes she is my woman
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In My Eyes Lyrics

John Conlee – In My Eyes Lyrics

Songwriters: WYRICK, BARBARA
In My Eyes lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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