Give me the hope that I need and the strength to believe
That I could just have one last day.

I'm trying to find the perfect words to say
Iknow I can't convince you either way
But I will try that's ok
If only I could put the blame on you
And swallow all the pain you put me through
That's just what I should do
If you leave, don't leave now
Just one day, give me more than just doubt
Give me the hope that I need and all the strength to believe
If I could just have one last day

All I ever need is in your eyes
And maybe your my angel in disguise
If I'm wrong tell me why
I thought that I could trust you with my heart
Than you leave me here to fall apart
Don't know how,. But i'll make it through


Maybe I'm running out of time
Feels like my rivers running dry
If this things for real, only if you knew how I feel

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One Last Day Lyrics

Joee – One Last Day Lyrics