You showed up in your trench coat and lingerie
Caught me off guard cause all I planned on was talking
Cause last time I saw you, we were, arguing
And you said you were through

You put your finger on my lips, and whispered to me
Please don't say a word, just take it
So I put in that work like a graveyard shift,
Didn't plan on this morning after

It's like girl we put it down in this bed
This morning I'm waking up to this letter
Saying "dear Joe, baby I'm gone"
Would you love me and leave me girl you planned it so devious
Thought you were bringing your love back instead it's "dear Joe, baby I'm gone"
Now all I got left here of you is your lipstick as the signature, sincerely yours

We shook the world for hours, now it's dead silence, oh
Don't take your love away you know it belongs right here
I'm sexist person, no, know just how deep to go
How you like it when I grip you tight yeah
Thought I would wake up with you sleeping in my shirt
Baby why am I reading these words


As the sun shines in on your side of the bed
I stare at that empty space where you lay
Cause I kissed you beneath your waist, body and lip, tightened your grip
You said you thought that you were ready to come back to me
And after all that good loving, my question is baby why can't we

[Chorus: x2]
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Dear Joe Lyrics

Joe – Dear Joe Lyrics

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