My Daisy she's crazy
Just like she seems
She climbs into bed and covers her head
And sneaks into my dreams

My Daisy she's lazy
Don't do nothin' but play
While I work like a slave
in an airplane wing
And bring home all the pay

Well I wish she'd take it easy
On poor delicate me
wish she'd take it easy
It'd be a better day for my Daisy and me!

My Daisy she's amazing
Sneaks in the movies for free
While me and the chauffeur
keep the motor runnin'
In a rented limosine.
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No Rope, Daisy-O Lyrics

Joe Ely – No Rope, Daisy-O Lyrics

Songwriters: JOE ELY
No Rope, Daisy-O lyrics © JOE ELY D/B/A EIFFEL TOWER MUSIC

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