There's a place I can go,
Where I know I'll always be welcome,
Night after night.
When your memory comes around,
I just take a ride down the road,
And look for the light.
When I see that old sign flashin',
That's when I know I'm on my way.

I'm goin' out to the wild blue yonder.
Break through this cloud I'm under.
Out to the wild blue yonder,
And let my mind wander away.

Maybe I can find a friend there,
Someone who's been where I am,
And knows what to do.
With a heart that won't stop breakin',
And a mind that won't stop takin' me back,
To the image of you.
Tonight, I know my destination;
A place where no one knows your name.


You know that jukebox sounds like thunder,
When that whiskey pours like rain.

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Wild Blue Yonder Lyrics

Joe Diffie – Wild Blue Yonder Lyrics

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