If you ever have to doubt me baby
You don't know a thing about me baby
Even though sometimes you drive me crazy
And that's a fact
No matter what it is we're going through
I'm always gonna feel what I feel for you
Don't ever act like you don't, don't know that
Don't ever act like you don't, don't know that

I'm fed up, instead of, it being you and me
It's you there, and me here, we're living separately
How do I try to, get you to let me in
And see where we're going
Ain't about where we been


You've been, restless, hoping I feel that still
Don't know where your head is, don't think that I'll ever will
We fight, then we get right, then we do it all again
You think that, I'll get tired, you just don't know when

I know I'm gonna a lot, I know you paranoid
You think I found someone, who's gonna feel the void
I think it's kinda strange, cause I just feel the same
Girl you're the one that's changed


Girl my heart's in it, I'm just don't forget it
If I don't say please forgive it, right now, if you wanna know
I am dedicated, I know we gonn make it
You know that I don't want it to end
So don't you ever say it again

[Chorus: x2]
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Don't Know That Lyrics

JLS – Don't Know That Lyrics

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