Staring out my window
Thinking bout my problems
And I cannot remeber
A single way to solve them

I just don't know, I can't take it no more
And I just can't go on drowning in my sorrow
If I lift my head and get strength to let go
Guarentee you'll be there to hold me close

Gotta see that it wasn't meant to be
Some tell me that things don't come easy
But now I know there's things I can't avoid
And i'll let go cuz yesterday's pain will be tomorrow's joy

[Verse 2:]
Got so much to tell you
These things seem so unclear
And I don't know what to do
How soon can you get here

Why didn't I see there's a simple remedy, no big mystery
A chance for me to be free and it's all in me

[Verse 3:]
Trying to forget it
Tell me where did I go wrong
It's time to get over it
But it's taking me way to long
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Tomorrow's Joy Lyrics

Jle – Tomorrow's Joy Lyrics