Don't even play these games with me.
I know you're creepin round with somebody.
And I can't even lie,
And I won't even try,
To pretend my eyes are blind baby.
And you know what you are doing to my heart,
You're tearing our love so far apart.
After all the years,
And after all these tears,
I see that loves no longer here.

I'm a fool,
I'm a fool, I'm a fool, I'm a fool
For love
I'm a fool I'm a fool I'm a fool
For love.
For love.

I know my only choice is to move on,
I've been a fool for you for way to long.
My heart cries out for you,
But my mind knows the truth,
I'm starting to realize we're through.


So tell me how,
You could do me this way,
How could your love just fade?
Shoulda knew your love was fake right from the start.
And you broke our happy home
And left us all alone.

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Fool For Love Lyrics

JKane – Fool For Love Lyrics

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