Yea, ruff ryder (uh) (say no more)
Cpu, what up kay
Crafty plugz is in the building
Amuary, happy birthday man, its a beautiful thing (uh)
I know what cha'yall askin yaselves, is he ever gonna come out?

A lot of questions on the flows that I spit, shows that I rip/
Is he really freestylin or is a written shit//
Them lines were off the top, you can hear it when I flow/
Plus, how the hell am I gonna know what he gonna wear to tha show?//
How does it feel tha be the 1st Asian of blow(umm)/
Promise I'll let cha know when records sell out the store//
Why the ruff ryders? Man, if you only knew/
How much did they sign you for, are you sittin on 22z?//
Did you get mad when aj said you couldn't be cursing?(nah)/
Oh, is Free just as fine in person?(yup)//
You know prolly a thousand emcees/
But how many did Rolling Stones say to look out for in 2003 (1... 2..)//
Don't deny it, I'm almost famous/
When I'm not reading movie scripts, I'm meeting wit Dub Davis.//
Distributed by virgin if ya really wanna ask me/
Do a track wit Janet, Miss Jackson if ur nasty//
See the video, where I dance wit her too/
Got a million question, heres a million answers for you//

Yea, cpu is in tha building, almost famous.
Jin, family and friends.
What up Wah, I see you Dee
The general is back, Ruff Ryder the next generation (uh)
Drag, jada, tha lox, d block, what up!? (yea)
176, washington heights
Top of the hill crew, whats poppin? I see yall (uh)
Lets go
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A Million And One Questions (Freestyle) Lyrics

Jin – A Million And One Questions (Freestyle) Lyrics