I was born on an island The island of Manhattan Dreamt all my life of a career on the Great White way Producer Norman Paperman Director Norman Paperman [Proudly] And I made it! In a sort of off-the-wall way, I found my calling Ð Listen [Sings] Up every morning, out every evening Hustling for headlines, that's what I do Table at Sardi's, grappling for gossip Working the press for a mention or two / Paperman [Cont.] I never acted like some nervous rookie Right from the start I was hot as a cookie I was the numero uno What a debut / Chorus Public Relations, Public Relations Boozing and schmoozing, that's what I do PR's my vocation And I'm a sensation Public relations Such hullabaloo / But I went full throttle Never could slow down Then out of nowhere a mild heart attack Middle age crisis Face the big questions Had to get off of this foolish fast track / It all started out As an ad in the paper Now it's turned into A tropical caper But it's only public relations And that's what I do / Chorus Public Relations, Public Relations Ego inflation, that's what I do Isn't it wonderful, isn't it fabulous Public Relations, such hullabaloo / Give this some thought Norman Things can get sticky Here in the tropics Wine turns to glue / Norman I've never seen such a beautiful ocean / Iris Holy Sweet Jesus, he's got no clue / Norman I'll buy this place I am expatriating / Iris You as a landlord Sounds intoxicating It's only Public Relations Who's screwing who / No, not that old PR Of yacking and quacking Making folks happy That's what I'll do / Sunshine and sea air Palm trees, martinis That's what I yearn for -- Like you, you, and you / Just give me some time / And I'll make it come true!
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Public Relations Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett – Public Relations Lyrics