A war – torn town – Along the ancient banks
Of the river Thames
I was captured by a glance I didn't understand
She looken through me – there in Battersea

A cold – stone pub – I was searching for asylum
Weary from the road
She whispered that my life
Was stuck in overload
How did She know – there in Battersea

Then through the night
Just like two strangers paging through
A life gone by
We lived our dreams and read each other minds
We locked silent combat 'till the dawn

For one fearless moment
Never to repeat itself
For one reckless moment
We walked on fire with heaven's help
They call to me – those days and nights
There in Battersea

From wandsworth bridge
We watched the sacred waters rushing to the sea
Could two random hearts find eternity
It was you and me
There in Battersea

Now years from then
I am settled safely in the blur of life
My journey takes me back to that one night
And a girl that changed my heart with just one giance

Sometimes the night
Takes you under it's spell
Makes you lose all control
Come out of your shell (someday)
I might go back to that magical place
And look for that girl just one more
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Battersea Lyrics

Jimi Jamison – Battersea Lyrics