â??Hey Randy?â??
â??Yeah, Man?â??
â??My Coozie's empty, how bout handing me one of those ice cold beers?â??
â??Oh, I'll be glad to buddyâ?¦â??
â??Oh, now I feel like signingâ?¦.â??

He was three years outa college, a damn good engineer
Worked hard all day, then he partied away
Things were happy on the old frontier

Had a plan for taking life easy
Avoiding the kids and the wife
Well he drove all the women crazy
These were the three best years of his life

Then the corporate boys they called him
Said, â??We got a job to do!â??
â??Got this problem up in North Dakota, boy
Yeah we need a man just like you!â??

But the sounds of the planes, and the freezing rain
Hit him like a fatal disease
Put a beer to his mouth, He took 95 south
And he headed for the Keys

Oh, and its just the sweetest life he's ever tasted
Little laid back and Key wasted
Got his toes in the sand, he's a tropical man
he's happy as hell and it shows

he's just a living in a drunken stupor
Makin some money on that old Square Grouper
Never had any doubt, hell if it doesn't work out
Well, that's just the way it goes

Got a job making Margaritas
In a little bar by the pier
Till he finally made some connections
With some big time Buccaneers

Now he spends some time in Cartegena
Making plans for the haul
Might be dealing with bums
Might be dangerous to some
But the old boy is having a ball


Now his friends all worry about him
They think he's throwing his future away
Kinda hard being upwardly mobile
When your laying in the sun all day

So they call him up to convince him
Tell him what its all about
But on the phone he could never stop laughin
No, got the whole damn thing figured out


Never had any doubt, Hell, If it doesn't work out
Well that's just the way it goes

that's just the way it goes!
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Laid Back And Key Wasted Lyrics

Jim Morris – Laid Back And Key Wasted Lyrics

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