By jim carroll and lenny kaye
I don't believe in sin
But maybe I'll begin
A vagrant evil's climbing up my skin
The shadows from last week
Are dancing in the street
In homage to the darkness closing in
It's hard to say what's different each new morning
I need some clue to tell me when or where
But it seems I must believe
Night wears it on it's sleeve
A warning that the time's come to prepare . . .
I owe so much to someone
I've watched her teardrops fall
Like wings that melted reaching for the sun
I need her to be near
To clarify the dangers
I didn't come this far to die with strangers
I can't explain exactly what I'm saying
But you're the only reason I still care
But things become so clear
When the spider licks her tears
A warning that the time's come to prepare . . .
I beg you not to leave me
With these warnings in the air . . .
I never thought I'd say it
But for once I'm truly scared
We create every lie
In order to survive
To mirror all the terror in our souls
With nothing left to steal
Lies make our lives seem real
It slows down all the madness like a shield
I don't know why I need to understand it
I don't know if there's anyone who cares
I don't know how or why
It could be something in the sky
That makes it seem it's best to be prepared . . .
I don't know where it will be
Two by land . . . one by sea
Sleep with one eye open
Be prepared
The spectres ride the stallions of my ruin
The shifting of my blood tell me it's soon . . .
I don't know how
Or why . . . it could be
Something in the sky
That makes it seem the time says to beware
Little boy,
Looking at the sky,
Tell me what you see?
Little boy
Looking at the sky,
Tell me what you see? ? ?
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Still Life Lyrics

Jim Carroll – Still Life Lyrics

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