Our Lord loves the family, our Lord loves the saved
Our Lord loves the unborn babies and the NRA
Our Lord hates the liberals, the faggots, and their friends
We're soldiers of Christ and we're here to defend

The way it used to be
The way it ought to be
The way it's going to be again

In the days of Cain and Abel
In the days of the Crusades
In the days of inquisitions
They made the damned behave

Before emancipation
Before Roe and Wade
Before they taught little children
That they evolved from apes


When we're in Heaven, you'll be sorry then

Our Lord loves the sinner as long as he don't sin
He knows the thoughts you're thinking
He knows with whom you've been
And our Lord loves this country
He's with you at the polls
He knows the lever that you pull
He's keeping track of souls


When we're in heaven, you'll be sorry
When we're in heaven, you'll be sorry
When we're in heaven, you'll be sorry then
Gonna be sorry then
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Soldiers Of Christ Lyrics

Jill Sobule – Soldiers Of Christ Lyrics

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