We were the children that need those dreams the worst
We asked for God but all they had left was church
We took the high road and they brought up down
But we kept righto n we were bound

Me and you go a long time too
We've been through hell and survived high school
We played the records and we played the fool

Paris to Holland on a supersonic electric train
So many women by somehow it's all the same
Tell those Nazis that we're doing fine
And put Chet Baker on the line

Me and you go along time too
We've been through hell and kept goin' on through
I'd love to love you baby so taboo
But no one even knows and no one I have told
About you

The bottles are empty but I guess you could do the math
I never told you cause I figured you'd probably laugh

With your brown eyes sparkle
You're waking in the midday sun
I once kissed a teller but I never played ring and run

Me and you go a long time to
We've been through hell and
Those stinkin' public schools
All your dreams may they all be true
And no on even knows
No one I have chose
No one even knows about you
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About You Lyrics

Jesse Malin – About You Lyrics