Reciever: One moment please. Good evening may I help you?
Frank Rizzo: Yeah, let me speak to Brett Weir!
R: Uh, who's calling?
FR: Is he in?
R: Yeah, who's calling?
FR: Look, jerky, I don't need to talk to you!
R: You don't need to talk to me?
FR: (angrily) Get Brett Weir I said!
R: Hold on. (checks on the other line) He's upstairs reparing something, you want him to call you back?
FR: Look this is the super across the way.
R: Yeah.
FR: And, uh, he is supposed to be taking business for me and I'm very angry at that little jerk. Alright, now I'm gonna break his fuckin' head.
R: Well, what do you want me to to do? Stay in touch with you if you're aware...
FR: Alright, he knows what the fuck i'm talking about and don't have me come down here for you either, tough guy! You tell him to see me!
R: Super across the street?
FR: You got it, punk!
R: Okay, i'll tell him.

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Super Across The Way Lyrics

Jerky Boys – Super Across The Way Lyrics