Oh Odele the stories you could tell

Life in a wishing well

Start in heaven end in hell

Oh Odele

Oh Odele I wish I'd known you well

The dreams you've had to quell

A shadowed life on which you dwell

Oh Odele

Oh Odele

Don't you break the spell

Tell me, tell me he was swell

A scrappy life in Robbinsville

Oh Odele

A withered hand reaches out for mine

Request a tune take you back in time

East Tennessee Hills, knotty pines

Walk on down the road

Smoky Mountains call your name

Forget about him, he's not to blame

You made your bed, played the game

It's starting to grow cold

Oh Odele, time to ring the bell

Too close to call, go out and yell

Do you hear the reaper's knell

Oh Odele, oh Odele, oh Odele, oh Odele
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Odele Lyrics

Jennings & Keller – Odele Lyrics