Just you and me underneath the mistletoe
5 seconds, a stare, just you and me there
Everybody else they seemed to dissappear
As you moved in oh so closer and you whispered in my ear
You said you heard Santa high up on his sleigh
You gave me a smile, and said you'd known for a while
You said he had a present for me, just from you
Then you made me close my eyes and I counted to two

Then you kissed me
Then you kissed me,
Everything that I'd been wishing for, came true that day
And when you kissed me
And when you kissed me
I knew that you and me would spend another christmas in this way

It started to snow, and so we went outside
Fooling around, made snow angels in the ground
You held me in your arms, the stars shon in the sky
I thought we were alone, but then a snowman caught my eye


I want this day to last forever
The snow melts away, but we'll stay together
Santa knew I'd been so good
Never naughty just misunderstood
So he gave me my present and made you mine
At Christmas Time!
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And Then You Kissed Me Lyrics

Jennifer Rafferty – And Then You Kissed Me Lyrics