Someone's dad passed out in the street
The wind-up key woker bees
Buzz right on by
At night he still lies
There 'cause nobody cares
Insects with briefcases ignore him
Been lying here for days
Not my problem, man
Look man, this is new york
Now the rats are coming to feed
Every night they bring more and more of their friends
Immune to rat poison, totally unafraid
And this is a very special treat indeed
They crawl up my pantleg / I'm too weak to move
No one hears my cries as they start on my toes
Their teeth are like razors as they gnaw at my hands
It sure beats mcdonald's so get it while it lasts
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
See the headline in the Post?
No one helped that old man for a week
They're homeless 'cause they wanna be
Let's talk about sports
Watch 'em tear that old building down
On the way home
But when a bulldozer pops the rubble like a pimple
Volcanoes of rats swarm all over us like bees
As big as a cat, not afraid to chase people
Or nibble on the wipers and vinyl roofs of cars
People are panicking, the cops have all fled
A shotgun will only kill one at a time
And it won't be the last time we run for our lives
From those teeth sinking into our arms and legs
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Mmm Mmm Good
City fathers see a bright future ahead
Where the poor no longer exist
Drive the neighborhood people away from their homes
Paint 'em over and quadruple the rent
Isolate the undesirables in places like Harlem
Our sowetos without walls
If they won't go away
Cops smash their heads
Like they did in Tompkins Square
Those stories give me the creeps
I hope I didn't miss that last train
Some smart-ass plastered life-size pictures of rats
On the walls of the subway station
Funny joke
It's so quiet down here
It's a little too quiet down here
Who's that across the tracks
Smoldering eyes are glaring up at me
Inching closer and closer, almost laughing out loud
The train finally comes, but it won't even stop
Not here, not tonight
I'm off in an hour, I don't wanna get involved
With some guy in a suit fighting rats off his face
Just leave 'em to the night, they'll be gone the next day
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Chew Devour
Chew Devour

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Chew Lyrics

Jello Biafra – Chew Lyrics